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More 2" thick Two Layer Museum Specimens
Sorry - Sold Out

The specimen shown on the previous page was the SMALLEST one in the group. All of these huge figures were created 24 years ago using a 6 MeV pulsed linear accelerator (LINAC) that has long since been decommissioned. The specimens on this page are even larger! All specimens were irradiated on two sides, creating two parallel charge planes. They were then carefully discharged, creating two large "trees" as well as thousands of smaller discharges between planes.

Our custom light bases are solid walnut, beautifully crafted with a natural satin finish. A velvet-lined cavity snugly cradles the specimen, and two rows of LED's illuminate each of the two charge planes. We normally supply lighting that uses one row of bright white Light Emitting Diodes (LED's), while the second row is made up of brilliant electric blue LED's.  We also offer both rows white, both blue, and (for added cost) multicolor color changing (which slowly color cycles over about a 15 second period), and a high-end multicolor option that uses a hand-held IR mode controller.

Because of the size and depth of these magnificent specimens, it's very difficult to fully capture their detail and beauty. Frankly, these are the prettiest specimens I've ever seen. They cross the boundary between science and art, and are worthy of being displayed by museums, fine art galleries, or by discriminating collectors of rare scientific art who are looking for that standout piece to complete their interior design concept. 
Subdued sunlight

(Model DKCustom1 pictured above)

Approx. Width
Approx. Height
Price with Custom Blue and White LED Base
$1350  Sorry, Sold!
DKCustom3 (#1) 13.50"
$1775 - Sorry, Sold!
DKCustom3 (#2)
$1775 - Sorry, Sold!
DKCustom3 (#3)
13.50" 17.75" $1775 - Sorry, Sold!
DKCustom3 (#4)
13.50" 17.75" $1775 - Sorry, Sold!
DKCustom3 (#5)
13.50" 17.75" $1775 - Sorry, Sold!
DKCustom4 17.25"
$2550 - Sorry, Sold!
DKCustom5 17.63"
$2550 - Sorry, Sold!


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