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(Updated 06/02/09)

Magnificent 2" Thick Two Layer Museum Specimens!

These huge figures were created 24 years ago using a 6 MeV pulsed linear accelerator (LINAC) that has long since been decommissioned. The smallest of these specimens measured 12" x 13.5" x 2" thick, while the largest was over 17" x 17"! They were all irradiated on two sides to create two parallel charge planes, and then carefully discharged. The high energy discharge sounded like a shotgun blast. The interior  plane-to-plane discharges are similar to some of our smaller Style 16 "Windblown Lightning" Figures... but on steroids! And the one pictured below was the SMALLEST one in the group. Unfortunately, the last two specimens were sold in June, 2009. The pictures on this and other pages are being retained so that you can still appreciate their beauty.

Each specimen was provided with a fitted custom light base of solid walnut, beautifully crafted and finished with natural satin lacquer with a velvet-lined cavity that snugly cradled the specimen. Two rows of LED's illuminate the two charge planes, one row is bright white, while the other row is a brilliant electric blue.  Because of their size and depth, it's difficult to fully capture the detail and beauty of these magnificent specimens.

Subdued sunlight

(Click on images for more detailed views)
Oblique Sunlight
Subdued Lighting
Incandescent Lighting
In oblique direct sunlight

In subdued morning sunlight
Under incandescent Lighting
Full side view
Closer side view
Close side-corner
Full side view
Closer view showing charge planes and internal reflections

Closer view of side corner showing charge planes and internal reflections
Closeup of base & discharge
Closeup of top of discharge

Note: we may be able to create similar specimens on a custom basis. If you are a discerning collector or a museum curator who is looking for an extremely impressive Captured Lightning sculpture, please contact me so that we can discuss details and potential scheduling. We only plan to make these large specimens if there is a demand, and only once a year. Be sure to get your order in the queue.

Stoneridge Engineering is the premiere source for the world's most beautiful Lichtenberg Figures!
Another top view, from a different angle
Close-up of top half of discharge in subdued sunlight


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