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Our SMALL Change Collection
Remember - Shrunken coins make GREAT gifts!


These are GENUINE Coins that have been shrunk by incredibly powerful magnetic fields.
Shrunken coins are amazing and unique... all are in stock and are ONLY available here!
Each coin comes packaged within a 3" x 4" recloseable bag and a one-page explanation
that describes how the coin was shrunk using powerful electromagnetic fields

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Standard Coins - Other coins are also available - Please Ask!
Photos show typical appearance before and after shrinking. Shown by issue date.
  Note: Dates and mint marks may vary from those pictured below
(Click on images for larger pictures)
Old Quarter
Delaware (1999) New Jersey (1999)
Original Eagle  $15.00
Eagle & Normal Mate $16.50
Delaware (1999)  $15.00
DE & Normal Mate $16.50
Pennsylvania (1999)  $15.00
PA & Normal Mate $16.50
New Jersey (1999)  $15.00
NJ & Normal Mate $16.50
Gerogia (1999) Connecticut (1999) Massachusetts (2000) Maryland (2000)
Georgia (1999)  $15.00
GA & Normal Mate $16.50
Connecticut (1999)  $15.00
CT & Normal Mate $15.60
Massachusetts (2000)  $15.00
MA & Normal Mate $16.50
 Maryland (2000)  $15.00
MD & Normal Mate $16.50
South Carolina (2000) New Hampshire (2000) Virginia (2001) New York (2000)
South Carolina (2000)  $15.00
SC & Normal Mate $16.50
New Hampshire (2000) $15.00
NH & Normal Mate $16.50
Virginia (2000)  $15.00
VA & Normal Mate $16.50
New York (2001)  $15.00
NY & Normal Mate $16.50
North Carolina (2001) Rhode Island (2001)
Vermont (2001) Kentucky (2001)
North Carolina (2001)  $15.00
NC & Normal Mate $16.50
Rhode Island (2001)  $15.00
RI & Normal Mate $16.50
Vermont (2001)  $15.00
VT & Normal Mate $16.50
Kentucky (2001)  $15.00
KY & Normal Mate $16.50
Tennessee (2002) Ohio (2002) Louisiana (2002) Indiana (2002)
Tennessee (2002)  $15.00
TN & Normal Mate $16.50
Ohio (2002)  $15.00
OH & Normal Mate $16.50
Louisiana (2002)  $15.00
LA & Normal Mate $16.50
Indiana (2002)  $15.00
IN & Normal Mate $16.50
Mississippi Quarter Illinois Quarter Alabama Quarter
Maine State Quarter
Mississippi (2002)  $15.00
MS & Normal Mate $16.50
Illinois (2003)  $15.00
IL & Normal Mate $16.50
Alabama (2003)  $15.00
AL & Normal Mate $16.50
Maine (2003)  $15.00
ME & Normal Mate $16.50
Missouri State Quarter
Arkansas Quarter Michigan Quarter
Florida State Quarter
Missouri (2003)  $15.00
MO & Normal Mate $16.50
Arkansas (2003)  $15.00
AR & Normal Mate $16.50
Michigan (2004)  $15.00
MI & Normal Mate $16.50
Florida (2004)  $15.00
FL & Normal Mate $16.50
Texas Quarter
Iowa Quarter
Wisconsin Quarter
California Quarter
Texas (2004)  $15.00 
TX & Normal Mate $16.50
Iowa (2004)  $15.00 
IA & Normal Mate $16.50
Wisconsin (2004)  $15.00
WI & Normal Mate $16.50
California (2005)  $15.00
CA & Normal Mate $16.50
MN Quarter -tailMinnesota (2005)  $15.00
MN & Normal Mate $16.50
OR Quarter - tailOregon (2005)  $15.00

OR & Normal Mate $16.50
Kansas quarterKansas (2005)  $15.00
KS & Normal Mate $16.50
West Virginia Quarters
West Virginia (2005)  $15.00
WV & Normal Mate $16.50
Nevada State Quarter
Nevada (2006) $15.00
 NV & Normal Mate $16.50
Nebraska State Quarter
Nebraska (2006)  $15.00  
NE & Normal Mate $16.50
Colorado Quarter
Colorado (2006)  $15.00
CO & Normal Mate $16.50
North Dakota State Quarter
North Dakota (2006) $15.00

ND & Normal Mate $16.50
South Dakota
South Dakota (2006) $15.00
SD & Normal Mate $16.50
Montana Quarter
Montana (2007) $15.00 
MT & Normal Mate $16.50
Washington Quarter
Washington (2007) $15.00
WA & Normal Mate $16.50
Idaho State Quarter
Idaho (2007) $15.00
ID & Normal Mate $16.50
Wyoming State Quarter
Wyoming (2007) $15.00
WY & Normal Mate $16.50
Utah Quarter
Utah (2007) $15.00
UT & Normal Mate $16.50
Oklahoma Quarter
Oklahoma (2008) $15.00
OK & Normal Mate $16.50
New Mexico Quarter
New Mexico (2008) $15.00
NM & Normal Mate $16.50
Arizona Quarter
Arizona (2008) $15.00
AZ & Normal Mate $16.50
Alaska Quarter
Alaska (2008) $15.00
AK & Normal Mate $16.50
Hawaii Quarter
Hawaii (2008) $15.00
HI & Normal Mate $16.50

NYC Subway Token
NYC Token & Mate $25.00

Indian Head Indian Head Dime at 3000 Joules
Dime at 3000 Joules (rear)
Indian Head & Mate  $16.50

Shrunken Indian Head only $15.00

Roosevelt Dime and mate

Shrunken Roosevelt only

Sacagawea Dollar (face)
Sacagawea Dollar (rear)
SBA Front
SBA Rear
Sacagawea and mate 

Shrunken Sacagawea only 
(Note reverse side may differ depending on year)

Susan B. Anthony and Mate $20.00

Shrunken Susan B. Anthony only $18.00

Presidential Dollar
Washington Dollar
Adams Small Presidential Dollar

Coming Soon!

Presidential Dollar - Head
(Common Design for all)
Washington Only $18.00
Washington and Mate - $20.50
John Adams Only $18.00
J. Adams & Mate - $20.50

Coming soon!

Coming soon!

John Quincy Adams
Coming soon!

Andrew Jackson
Coming soon!
Madison Only - $18.00

Monroe Only - $18.00
John Q. Adams Only - $18.00
Jackson Only - $18.00
Kennedy Front Kennedy Rear Morgan Front Morgan Rear
Shrunken Kennedy & Mate (1997+) $19.50
(See Note 7)

Shrunken Kennedy Only (1997+)  $17.50
(See Note 7)

Morgan Dollar & Mate 
(See Note 10)

Shrunken Morgan only 

(See Note 10)

Quarter Bezel Ike Front
Ike Rear
Walking Liberty Front
Quarter in Silver Pendant. Any issued state/eagle  $35.00
Note: Bezel design may vary somewhat from above image
Type of Quarter
Facing Front

Eisenhower Dollar & Mate  $22.00

Shrunken Eisenhower only  $20.00

Shrunken Walking Liberty & Mate. Note: some shrunken coins may turn out a bit oval 

(See Notes 7 and 10)

Walking Liberty Rear
Silver Eagle
Silver Eagle, Rear View
MA Key Fob
 Shrunken Walking Liberty only  $40.00 (compared to a normal-size quarter). Note: some halves may become slightly oval-shaped after shrinking.
(See Notes 7 and 10)

Shrunken Silver Eagle & Mate with matching year
(Year of pair may vary)
(See Note 10)

Shrunken Silver Eagle only 
(Year may vary)
(See Note 10)

 State Quarter Key Fob
Contact Me
Half Eagle Front Half Eagle Rear
5 Yen Coin
5 Yen Coin
Gold Half Eagle - special order
Contact Me
Gold Half Eagle - special order
Contact Me
Japan 5 Yen Coin & Mate  $16.00

Japanese 5 Yen Coin only 

CN Nickel - reverse
CN Quarter - reverse
CN Loonie - reverse
CN Toonie - reverse
Canadian Nickel (1955-1981)  $14.00
(See Note 9)

Canadian Quarter (before 1996)  $15.00
(See Notes 8 and 9)

Canadian "Loonie"

Canadian "Toonie" 

View Your Shopping Cart:

We also do "Custom Shrinking!"

We can shrink many other coins and medallions, including many foreign coins. Some examples of foreign coins can be seen here. Custom shrinking can be done for customer-provided foreign coins. Custom Shrinking pricing is based on the original diameter of the coin.

Magicians - Please note:

We can shrink quarters to any size between normal to smaller than  the diameter of a dime. "Barely shrunk" coins are virtually indistinguishable from regular coins unless placed side-by-side with a normal coin. These unique coins offer many possibilities for new illusions!

Although we usually shrink quarters to 70-75% of their original diameter (slightly smaller than a US Dime), we can adjust the degree of shrinkage upon request. We can also "custom shrink" many other types of coins or tokens. Over the years, collectors have sent us Silver Eagles, European coins, Asian coins, bimetal coins, transportation and tax tokens, and even gold bullion coins to "shrink to order". Whenever possible, please send 1-2 spares of any uncommon coin to be custom shrunk so that I can "tune" the process for your coins. This also allows for potential process dropout - coin shrinking is still somewhat of an art...

Please Contact Me me to discuss your custom shrinking requirements
Voice: (630) 964-2699  Fax: (206) 339-2836 

Complete Shrunken Head Price List
Please See our Ordering Instructions before placing your order
S&H for coins is $3.00 per order for all US orders
S&H for coins is $7.00 per order for International orders
Contact Me for dealer/quantity pricing
Price Each:
Shrunken Indian Head Cent - the Best Looking Cent

Normal Size Indian Head Cent Mate

Shrunken Lincoln Cent
Bronze (1909-1941) recommended.
See Notes 1 and 2

Shrunken Jefferson Nickel (may be older Monticello or a new uncirculated Bison style)
See Note 3

Normal Size Jefferson Nickel (may be older Monticello or new uncirculated Bison style)

See Note 3
Shrunken Roosevelt Clad Dime  (1965+)

Normal Size Roosevelt Clad Dime Mate


Shrunken Uncirculated Washington Clad Quarter for all 50 states and Eagle style (1995-1998).
$15.00 each
Type of Quarter
Older clad Washington quarters can be ordered
by email request. However, see note 7.
We do not offer silver quarters.

Normal Size Uncirculated Washington Clad Quarter Mate (all 50 states and Eagle style (1995-1998) are available)

$1.50 each
Type of Quarter

Shrunken Uncirculated Kennedy Clad Half Dollar, 1997+
See Note 7

Normal Size Uncirculated Kennedy Mate, 1997+


Shrunken Susan B. Anthony (SBA) Dollar

Normal Size Susan B. Anthony Mate


Shrunken Sacagawea ("Sac" or Golden) Dollar
Actual year and P or D mint mark may vary. S mint not available.

Normal Size Sacagawea Mate
. Actual year and P or D mint mark may vary.

Shrunken Small Presidential Dollar
Type of Dollar

Regular Size Small Presidential Dollar Mate
Type of Dollar

Shrunken Eisenhower Clad (Ike) Dollar

Normal Size Eisenhower Mate

Set of Shrunken Indian Head/Wheat Penny, Nickel, Dime, Eagle or State Quarter, Kennedy Half, Sacagawea, and Susan B Anthony small dollars
Type of Penny
Type of Quarter
Other coin combinations are also available - please ask
Set of five 1999 Uncirculated Shrunken Quarters (DE, PA, NJ, GA, and CT)    
See Note 6

Set of five 2000 Uncirculated Shrunken Quarters (MA, MD, SC, NH, and VA)   


See Note 6

Set of five 2001 Uncirculated Shrunken Quarters (NY, NC, RI, VT, and KY)   


See Note 6

Set of five 2002 Uncirculated Shrunken Quarters (TN, OH, LA, IN, and MS)   


See Note 6

Set of five 2003 Uncirculated Shrunken Quarters (IL, AL, ME, MO, and AR) 

See Note 6

Set of five 2004 Uncirculated Shrunken Quarters (MI, FL, TX, IA, and WI)

See Note 6

Set of five 2005 uncirculated Shrunken Quarters (CA, MN, OR, KS, and WV)

See Note 6

Set of five 2006 Uncirculated Shrunken Quarters (NV, NE, CO, ND, and SD)

See Note 6

Set of five 2007 Uncirculated Shrunken Quarters (MT, WA, ID, WY, and UT)

See Note 6

Set of five 2008 Uncirculated Shrunken Quarters (OK, NM, AZ, AK, and HI)

See Note 6

Shrunken Canadian Penny (bronze alloy, before 1997.
May be round (1937-1982) or 12-sided (1982-1996)


See Note 12

Shrunken Canadian Nickel (100% nickel, 1955-1981)

See Note 9

Shrunken Canadian Dime (100% nickel, before 2000)


See Notes 8 and 9

Shrunken Canadian Quarter (100% nickel, before 2000)  

See Notes 8 and 9

Shrunken Canadian $1 Coin ("Loonie")  

Normal Size Canadian $1 Coin ("Loonie")

Shrunken Canadian $2 Coin ("Toonie") 


Normal Size Canadian $2 Coin ("Toonie") 

Shrunken Japanese 5 Yen coin - center hole closes up!


Normal Size Japanese 5 Yen Mate

Shrunken NYC Transit Token (center hole becomes a "starfish"!) 


Normal Size NYC Transit Token Mate

Washington Clad Quarter in a Silver Pendant - add a silver chain to make a unique necklace. Some folks have also made earrings from these!

Type of Quarter
Facing Front

State Quarter Key Fob - DE, NY, IN, and IL only  
$21.50 (Limited Selection - please ask)
Shrunken Kennedy Half Dollar, 1967 or 1969 (40% Silver)   
See Notes 7 and 10

Shrunken Kennedy and Mate, 1967 or 1969 (40% Silver) Mate

See Notes 7 and 10
Shrunken Walking Liberty Half Dollar  (Silver).
Note - some shrunken coins may turn out slightly oval.
See Notes 7 and 10
Shrunken Walking Liberty and Normal Size Mate (Silver).
Note - some shrunken coins may turn out slightly oval.

See Notes 7 and 10
Shrunken Morgan Dollar (Silver)
See Note 10

Shrunken Morgan Dollar and Normal Size Mate

See Note 10
Shrunken Peace Dollar (Silver)   
See Note 10

Shrunken Peace Dollar and Normal Size
Mate (Silver)

See Note 10
Shrunken Silver Eagle (year may vary)
See Note 10

Shrunken Silver Eagle and Normal Size Mate of same year (year may vary)

See Note 10
Custom Shrinking: Initial Coin Dia. less than 20 mm (0.79",  US penny or smaller) $14.00
Please Contact us for details
Standard Coins, customer supplied.
See Notes 4 and 5
Custom Shrinking: Initial Coin Dia. between 20-25 mm (0.79" - 0.98", US nickel or quarter)
Please Contact us for details
Standard Coins, customer supplied.
See Notes 4 and 5 
Custom Shrinking: Initial Coin Dia. between 25-30 mm (0.98" - 1.18", US Small Dollar, Canadian Toonie)
Please Contact us for details
Standard Coins, customer supplied.
See Notes 4 and 5
Custom Shrinking: Initial Coin Dia. between 30-35 mm (1.18" - 1.38", US Half Dollar)
Please Contact us for details
Standard Coins, customer supplied.
See Notes 4 and 5
Custom Shrinking: Initial Coin Dia. over 35 mm (>1.38", US Eisenhower, Morgan dollar) $23.00
Please Contact us for details
Standard Coins, customer supplied.
See Notes 4 and 5
Custom Shrinking: Silver or Gold Bullion Coins (other than Morgan or Peace dollars)
Please Contact us for details

View Your Shopping Cart:

1: US cents minted after 1982 are made from copper-plated zinc. These do NOT survive the shrinking process - they simply explode in a shower of molten zinc droplets!
2:  US steel cents (1943) don't work either. We get good results for bronze coins (1910-1942) and best results for Indian Head cents. 
3: Because of their higher electrical resistance, copper-nickel alloy coins (such as US nickels) do not shrink as much as most other coins. The shrunken diameter will be about 90% of the original coin. Some nickel alloy coins may also exhibit slight surface roughening  ("frosting") after shrinking.
4: For custom shrinking of uncommon coins or tokens, please send 1-2 spares so that I can "tune" the shrinking process. This also allows for process dropout. The shrinking process involves the explosive disintegration of the copper coil used to create the magnetic field that shrinks the coin. Although the coin's faces are protected, the edges of coins are sometimes nicked by ricocheting coil fragments. The larger the coin, the greater the possibility that the edge of the coin may be nicked in one or more places. Coin shrinking is still more an art than a science...
5: Because of their higher surface features, "Proof coins" don't shrink well at all - in fact, they usually end up potato-chip shaped and ugly-looking! We only shrink circulating coins. 
6: We normally supply coins minted by the Denver Mint coins for state quarters and sets. Customer can request Philadelphia mint coins, but this may add a 1 week delivery delay.
7: Higher surface features on some coins (and ALL Proof coins) can create internal force imbalances during the shrinking process. For example, Kennedy's bust develops a small concave indentation near his left ear and a matching convex projection of the shield on the reverse side. Older style (pre-1992) Washington quarters and copper Lincoln Cents (minted between 1942-1982) tend to push out the face of the coin, creating a matching concave region on the tail side of the coin. Shrunken silver Walking Liberty Halves sometimes become slightly oval-shaped from unique surface features and internal force imbalances. These are inherent  properties of these coins when subjected to the "shrinking" process, and are unavoidable. 
8: Newer Canadian dimes and quarters (i.e., those minted since 2000) are made of nickel-plated steel. Since the newer steel coins only shrink about 1% (due to poor electrical conductivity), we do not offer them. 
9: Since they shrink better than plated-steel or copper-nickel alloys, we only offer Canadian nickels made from 100% nickel (i.e., those minted between 1955-1981). Some pure nickel coins may show a bit of surface roughening or frosting from the shrinking process. This is a metallurgical effect of the shrinking process and is unavoidable.
10: Pure silver bullion and coin silver alloy coins become slightly discolored with a light yellowish tone due to electrical heating, and may also develop small surface imperfections from the explosive shrinking process. These are normal and are unavoidable.
11: We do not offer silver dimes or quarters, since these will fracture and often turn a brassy yellow-green color due to stresses and flash heating during the shrinking process.
12: We only offer older (before 1997) Canadian pennies since these are made using a bronze alloy. Newer Canadian pennies are made from copper-plated zinc. These do NOT survive the shrinking process - they simply explode in a shower of molten zinc droplets!

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Coin Ordering Instructions:

items should  be ordered using our Shopping Cart and checkout process, and charged to either your credit card or to your PayPal account.  You may also order your coins directly by phone (630-964-2699) using your Master Card, Visa, Discover, or American Express credit card.

usually ship within 1-3 days after payment via the US Postal Service, using First Class Mail. Shipping and Handling  (S&H) for orders shipping within the USA is a flat $3.00 per order. Illinois customers will be charged an additional 7.75% for Retail Sales Tax. I use Delivery Confirmation for all US orders with $30 or more of merchandise. Larger orders may require additional time to shrink and prepare coins. I will notify you via email if your order will take longer than 2 days to process.

If you want me to expedite shipping (to locations within the US only), I can send your coins via Priority Mail for an additional $3.00. You can select this shipping option by using the button below ONCE per coin order. See Item 4 below if you are shipping to a location outside the US.

A. Orders for coins only, shipped to locations within the USA:
Coins are normally shipped using First Class Mail (3-7 business days). If you wish to expedite delivery, please click the following button ONCE to ship via Priority Mail (2 - 3 business days). There will be a $4.00 adder for this service:

B. Orders for coins only, shipped to locations OUTSIDE of the US:
International coin customers must select a shipping option below. Priority Mail International delivery is usually 6 - 12 business days, but tracking and insurance is not available to most countries. Priority Mail Express International delivery is usually 3-6 business days. International customers who are ordering both coins and Lichtenberg figures should follow the Captured Lightning Ordering Instructions instead to select the appropriate shipping option. Please note that additional local fees may also be applied by your postal service to cover VAT or other Handling Fees (from the Royal Post in the UK). These local charges are the responsibility of the buyer - we cannot prepay them on your behalf. Please select ONE of the shipping options below:

  Priority Mail International Flat Rate for orders containing only coins.
Typical delivery interval is 6-12 business days, no tracking or insurance

Please click the following button (only once) to add USD $23.00 surcharge:

Priority Mail International Express Shipment for orders containing only coins.
Typical delivery interval is 3-6 business days, with tracking and insurance
Please click the following button (only once) to add USD $43.00 surcharge:

If you want to order items not covered by our shopping cart, please  email  or call (630-964-2699) me to confirm your order.  I'll need to know which coin(s) you want, how you plan to pay for them, your regular mail and email address, and any custom shrinking requests.
I'll usually get back to you within 24 hours with a quote. I normally ship within 1-2 business days after receipt of payment.  Please allow 5 business days for personal checks to clear.

Payment Options:
We prefer that you order using our shopping cart. Our shopping cart supports payment from a PayPal cash balance or your favorite credit card. You don't need to join PayPal in order to pay using your credit card. Our cart also supports currency conversion (to US Dollars) for most major currencies. I can also directly accept most credit cards via email or a phoned-in (630-964-2699) order, or I can send you a PayPal invoice for your convenience. If you live within the USA, I can also accept a Postal Money Order. personal check, or corporate check. However, if paying by check, please allow 5-7 days for your check to clear.
International customers must use PayPal, a major credit card, or a bank wire transfer (a $20.00 service charge applies).

Our Satisfaction Guarantee:
We strive to delight our customers. You have a 14-day inspection period after receiving your item(s). If, for any reason, you are not satisfied, please contact us, either via email or at our business number (+1 630-964-2699) and let us know whether you'd like a replacement or a refund. Then return the item(s) to us in the same condition. Once we have received the item(s) in good condition, we'll either replace the item or refund your original purchase price (including original S&H).

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Your Satisfaction is guaranteed or your (normal sized) money back!

Money Orders or checks should be payable to "Stoneridge Engineering, LLC" and sent to the following address:
Stoneridge Engineering, LLC
2523 Stonewall Ave.
Woodridge, IL  60517-1103  USA
Voice: +1 630 964-2699
Fax:   +1 206 339-2836
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See us for all your SMALL Change needs!

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