Scarce "Corner Cube" 3-D Lichtenberg Figures in an Acrylic Cube!

This 1.5" cube was part of a batch of Lichtenberg Figures created almost 30 years ago by an artist, using a pulsed electron beam accelerator. The cube was sequentially irradiated on three different sides, forming three orthogonal planes of charge about 1/4" in from each irradiated surface. When the cube was discharged, each plane formed a Lichtenberg Figure resulting in a very unique "corner cube" pattern. While "single shot" Lichtenberg Figures are themselves scarce, figures with multiple discharge planes are much more difficult and costly to produce and are considerably rarer.

As can be seen below, the cubicLichtenberg Figure literally glows from within when illuminated by the colored LED's from a display stand. Although the stand is not included, similar inexpensive stands are available from a number of vendors as they are commonly used to illuminate "3-D laser crystal" paperweights.

Very few people have actually seen an acrylic Lichtenberg Figure, and far fewer are fortunate enough to own one as unique as this. Stoneridge Engineering is honored to be the only current provider of Lichtenberg Figures and "Electromagically" Shrunken Coins to the general public. 

"A physical experiment which makes a bang is always worth more than a quiet one. Therefore a man cannot strongly enough ask of Heaven: if it wants to let him discover something, may it be something that makes a bang. It will resound into eternity." G. C. Lichtenberg 1742-1799