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Huge 18" x 18" x 1" Experimental Sculpture with Single Discharge Layer
Only ONE available, with NO Base

This magnificent sculpture was carefully irradiated and discharged to create a single layer discharge region that fills up the available area.  Discharges show a complex combination of dendritic (branching) and chaotic discharges. The main paths of the discharges have a bit of charring that adds to the character of the piece. Most of the coloration disappears once the specimen is illuminated.  The specimen is shown in room light, and under ilumination by white or electric blue LED's. Only one of these gorgeous specimens is available, anad at a price that's substantially LESS than our 12" x 12" specimens. Get it quick before it disappears!

18x18x1, room light
(Click above for larger image)
18x18x1, room light
(Click above for larger image)
Combination of Chaotic and dendritic discharges, room light

Another view, in room light
18x18x1, white LED's
(Click above for larger image)
Factory 2nd
(Click above for larger image)
Sculpture illuminated by white LED's

Sculpture illuminated by blue LED's


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